KFT is as a non-profit organization which was registered in 2008 as a trust under the Trustee (Perpetual Succession) Act, Cap 164 Laws of Kenya, for the purpose of participating and providing strategic assistance to grassroots (rural) communities in environmental and biodiversity conservation.


This mandate has been expanded to address the increasingly worsening socio-economic and environmental challenges affecting local communities in Kenya. To this end, the Foundation conceived an ambitious programme to plant 10 million trees country wide in the next five years under the banner “Tree is Life Campaign.


As a non-profit organization, KFT aims at building, strengthening and increasing capacities and awareness of communities in sustainable environmental and biodiversity conservation and management strategies.


KFT envisages communities and nations where a culture of environmental and biodiversity conservation is cultivated among individual and is passed over from generation to generation for posterity.


The foundation works through partnerships and synergies with various organizations which is in line with KFT’s overall mission of mobilizing the Kenyan community to take concrete action and improve their livelihoods by planting, nurturing, conserving, protecting trees and sustainably managing their natural resources, using absolute awareness campaigns in line with Vision 2030 and the Millennium development goals.

Main Objectives

  1. Create channels of engaging society, corporate and donors to participate in tree planting and environmental conservation using absolute awareness campaigns


  2. Reduction in forest degradation and forest edges through creation of buffer zones


  3. Biodiversity maintenance and improvement plus watershed protection and soil stabilization


  4. Poverty reduction by advocating sustainable livelihood options through improved agricultural productivity


  5. Improved social capital through improved participatory planning, capacity building and transfer of knowledge and skills.


Main Office

Chepkorio Showground, Eldoret Town, Kenya.

Nairobi Office

Jamhuri Park, Showground P.O. Box 47182 00100 Nairobi.


P: +254-722-527-275

P: +254-722-519-749


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